“BWELLHIVE” provides practical & innovative wellness solutions facing our employers and employees in today’s fast paced world.   Michelle has worked with hundreds of people to build the best nutrition and food management plan to be well, resilient and achieve a healthy life for living.    She talks health in business and her experiences and services include working with clients onsite providing a measure, track and improve data analysis Health Station, TasteITHealth using her ancient heath experiences.

She recently trained in mindfulness, and as a Forest Bathing Guide to support and guide the employee’s and clients to connect to nature for better wellness, a big tradition in Japan since early 1980’s.  She advocates and has been proven that being in nature has proven to relieve stress and encourage relaxation and is underpinned by mindfulness principles to open the senses to the forest and nature atmosphere slowing down by walking through the forest.   She would be delighted to guide you to a better self and achieve a healthy life for living.

She works with clients to identify key areas to measure, track and improve on employee and company health and wellness goals.  With her service and our ongoing measuring, tracking and improving we empower workday employees to build a mental body resilience to be healthier and a healthy mindset and purpose